Jesus' Family Ministries

While many Christians think they know about the life of Jesus, few realize the less obvious—and rarely discussed—family ties woven throughout his ministry. For example, Mary didn't plan on having baby Jesus in a stable but with family living close by.  When you learn the meaning and context of these family connections and how they motivated Jesus, you’ll add new depth and vibrancy to your understanding of the Gospels.

 Mary proclaimed Jesus' birth and another Mary proclaimed His Resurrection and yet millions of Easter sermons have not made the empowering connection to the storyline presented by the Gospel writers. The Gospel storyline is about Jesus humble origins and a family that supports Him believing that He would be King.  That a Virgin gave birth and was a cousin to another mother, who had a miracle performed in her dead womb. This family was from the tribe of  Levite,  a detail that has all but been ignored that Jesus came from a family of priests and accomplished the priesthood on the cross.

Our families are the most important members of our lives; they witness our birth, and it's God's will they commemorate our death. Many Christians have a family first based philosophy but are unconscious of the magnitude  Jesus' Family played in the Gospels. Christians inherently know they should love their families,  then doesn't it stand to reason they should be aware how Jesus loved His?

Jesus' Family Ministries goal is the Christain Churches comprehend how inspirational the Gospels truly are and communicate them in their entirety to the ends of the world. There isn't a more beautiful story than of Gods redemption and forgiveness, and it starts with Jesus' Family.  There have been many movies about  Jesus, but inexplicably they miss the support He received by Mary's Family and the rejection from Joseph's Family. The churches are not teaching how glorious the Gospels are when it ignores the family that was His disciples and Jesus' brothers that rejected Him. Four books (Acts, First Corinthians, James, and Jude) testify that Jesus Family came to know Him as their Savior and God. The Gospel of John clearly communicates they originally didn't  believe in Jesus ( John 7:5), but two of them would go on not only to be his followers but authors of two epistles of Scripture. In first Corinthians, the Apostle Paul tells believers how this came about with Jesus Resurrection appearance to His brother James. The book of James is much more empowering when we understand the author writes of what he witnessed and what he learned from his half-brother  Jesus. When James writes that a man is not in the faith that doesn't love his brother, Christians should understand he writes retrospect from his heart of a time he didn't love Jesus but thought himself Godly in religion. Of the many movies made of Jesus, none of them show this moving conclusion of Jesus appearing to all His family. Instead, the movies focus on the crucifixion and show only a few minutes of the best part of the story, which is Jesus' Resurrection appearances to his Apostles and their family members. There isn't a more compelling story, and yet millions of Christians haven't heard it nor has the church told the incredible redemption story of Jesus' Family. This ministry desires Christians connect to the heroes of faith and see how Jesus' Meekness draws His Family and the world to His redeeming Love climatically demonstrated in His Resurrection appearances.

The early traditions of interpreting a Jesus who abandon His family to serve God have been passed down even to Christians today.   Some teachers of the Bible today are taught in seminaries that Jesus studied the Scriptures from the verses Luke 2:44-45. Many believe He went away from His family to study Scriptures before He began His mission. They completely miss the point for what God want's us to know about Jesus Omnipotence. Jesus didn't examine the Scriptures for He was the Word of God in the flesh John 1:14.  In the  Gospel of Luke (2:44-45),  Jesus demonstrates at the age of twelve His comprehension of Scriptures at the time befuddled the earthly experts. Jesus didn't have a few Scriptures memorized; He was all of them in the flesh. Does it matter that Christians believe He is the Word of God in the flesh?

Jesus commanded His disciples to be the light of the world, but this isn't possible for us today if we don't know what He meant by that. Our personal world begins and ends with our family, and so it was with Jesus too, shouldn't we see it in the Gospels? The beauty of the Gospels is about Jesus' love and if we can't see His love then what are we sharing about Jesus to today's world? Christian teachings have not noticed that Joseph was dead or more importantly seen that Jesus lived it out in His Love for His family in Nazareth a town that ultimately despised Him.  Does it matter Christians know how Jesus lived most of His life? It's the same place where we most of us spend it, with our families. It's rather critical believers comprehend Jesus overcame Nazareth and the world.  Is it a stretch God would want us to follow Jesus example where He loved His family despite horrendous conditions? Should we want to see the Glory of His Grace as He overcomes everything while we struggle with some things?

 In the book of James, Jesus' half-brother writes about pure religion being one who took care of the widow and the orphan. James knew this because He witnessed Jesus living out what God commanded throughout the Old Testament.  Jesus didn't abandon His widowed mother,  nor will He ever leave His family today. Should Christians believe Jesus abandoned family? We are in His Heavenly family, and we can believe Him when He says, " I will always be with  you."  We can't have much faith if we believe Jesus was a hypocrite who abandons family for Godly purposes, it is not consistent with the oracles of God, nor does it not honor Him who was spotless. 

Inexplicably, Christian teachings haven't noticed Jesus had an aunt or honored her by commemorating her name in the contributions she made in the Gospels. She had a great role in Scripture, and it is ignored, and tragically millions of Christians don't connect to why Jesus selected His capital to be Capernaum. Families are central to our purpose, and Jesus' Family Ministries believes Jesus family has all but been ignored in His birth and the Resurrection accounts. Consequently not much is taught about how incredible the Gospels truly are in the grace and meekness of God appearing to those who loved Him and those who didn't believe in Him.

"Joseph is Dead" is an attempt to honor His walk on this earth and call attention to the heroes of our faith.   We also believe the Resurrection appearances are empowering when we believe that God inspired the original writers to write exactly what they wrote. That Family is important to God which is why He used Jesus' Family to give us the Gospels.  

The Gospels are the most beautiful story ever told we pray the Churches would fathom its greatness and would honor Him by telling the entire story. Does God want us to be close to our families? Jesus was close to His and Jesus' Family Ministries is about setting the record straight that God wants Christians to love their earthly family so they can love their Heavenly family. Then said I, Lo, I come: in the volume of the book it is written of me  (Psalm 40:7). All Christians should know Jesus honored His mother and her husband, Joseph. He loved His brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles and many cousins. Why is it this hard for Christians today to believe this? Jesus' Family Ministries believes it's essential to teach how Jesus showed His love to His Family so Christians can love theirs. A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another (John 13:34). How does today's  Christianity know how to do this when it doesn't even know Jesus was talking to some in His Family?