Jesus Family Tree -See the Light of Family Love in the Gospels.


Jesus' Birth ​Born on December 25th Born in September or October during Feast of Tabernacles Christians today have virtually no knowledge of Jesus' mother's family throughout the Gospel as the first Christians who followed John the Baptist and Jesus. Gospel of Luke begins the Christmas story telling believers Mary stayed with her cousin Elisabeth for three months when she was first pregnant but believers don't realize this is only a few miles from Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Mary, was Levite (Unfathomable not studied by the Christian teachings) on her mother's side and participated in the Jewish feasts. She customarily stayed with relatives near Jerusalem but went in unexpected labor while accompanying her husband in Bethlehem to carry out a Roman decree. Many of the witnesses of the Resurrection were family members that believed Mary was a Virgin who gave birth to the Messiah. They didn't abandon,Mary and Jesus at His birth (see Luke 1.1-2:39) or at the Cross (see John 19:25-26).
Jesus' First Years Joseph and Mary lived in Bethlehem Luke 2:39 states Joseph and Mary took Jesus to Nazareth after they fulfilled the law in Jerusalem. Seminaries imply there is contradictions in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. Christians do not know that Jesus' birth, circumcision, and naming was a time of pure joy for Mary's family that was not interrupted by Herod. Grievously, because Christians haven't been taught the beauty of the Christmas story they haven't been taught a comprehensible Resurrection story of Jesus appearances to His family and disciples.
Jesus' Early Years "We don't know anything." Joseph was dead and Jesus provided for his family. Most Christians don't know that Jesus gave charge to His first cousin to care for His Widowed mother in John 19:27. Jesus provided for His mother and siblings after Joseph died. Cults minimize the importance of families that are the foundation of Christianity and the health of society. The first call from God is for Christians to be a steward of their families like Jesus who didn't abandon His mother even at the point of His death.
The Resurrection The Gospels are contradictory We have the timeline given in First Corinthians 15:4-8 that confirms the Gospels Christians are robbed of the empowerment and beauty of the Resurrection story. Movies focus on the Cross and have no comprehension of the heartwarming resurrection appearances of Jesus to His family.Mary proclaimed His birth and a Mary proclaimed our salvation. Joseph took Jesus in his arms when He was born and a Joseph took Him from the cross. Our God planned our salvation before the world was formed. May His Church proclaim the beautiful story of Jesus' Family and the Gospel of His Love for our healing.
The First Christians Jews who met Jesus Mary's family were from the Levite tribe who were priests Christians do not know how important Jesus family was to God. Jesus resurrection appearances' was in the home of a relative, the first Church (Acts 12:12). The first Christians are not honored,today by observing who they were. Priests who sought mercy and to intercede for others. God calls all believers to be priests and not to accuse the world of sin but to be witnesses of the Light of the world.

You are the light of the world

​Matthew 5:14

The Church is called to be in Jesus' Family as the Bride of Christ